It is women’s connections that build families, communities and culture. Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God is a testament to what is possible when we show up for our sisters.

Eve Ensler, Tony Award winning Playwright, performer, and activist

“Women’s stories boldly told have always been at the center of feminist political consciousness and empowerment. Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God captures the spirit of the personal as political and will inspire the reader to find her own voice.” 

Katherine Spillar, executive editor, Ms. Magazine 

Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God proceeds as a series of calm, truthful, insightful reminders of an important locus of wisdom still resident in the shards of our culture. These women have stepped into the void…to offer heart-driven insights on the redemptive powers of womanhood and self-respect. My impulse on reading it is to drop on one knee and say, ‘Thank you.’ This is a lovely book.”

Peter Coyote, actor and writer 

“This book brought to my mind a more contemporary revelation of the notion that sisterhood is indeed powerful but it also brings to light the notion we get from Germaine Greer that women can indeed be a distinctive tribe and must open their hearts to their own stories for themselves and the others in their tribe.  But there is much here, too, for men who love and care about women. The stories are compelling and the tale tellers speak with voices that are honest, elevating and valorous.”

Michael Krasny, author, professor and host of KQED’s Forum on NPR, San Francisco 

“I felt I was living each story as I read it. This book is a much-needed celebration of our depth as women. The stories in Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God remind us that we can lift each other up so high if we just remember how special each woman is and how much we can learn from each other.”  

Sheryl O’Loughlin, executive director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Stanford University

“Every woman in search of her true, brave, and powerful self should read this book. One story in particular made me cry and feel the vulnerability of its writer, facing every woman’s worst fear and finding the positive in her experience. We should all be so fortunate.”  

Julie Chaiken, CEO, Chaiken Clothing/Women’s Rights Activist

“Read this book and you’ll understand why women will change the world. Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God, is an inspiring testament to the power, resilience, and courage of womankind. This book is a poignant and persuasive plea to modern women to band together and share our stories. There we’ll gain a collective strength, courage, and wisdom and redefine what it means to be a strong woman in American society.

Ivory Madison, founder, Redroom

“Living life with eyes wide open is not something we are taught to do in today’s world. These stories remind me that underneath the facade of perfection we strive for, we are all women: vulnerable, strong, sad, scared, empathetic, and insightful—banded together we will all have a better more fulfilling experience.”

Kimberly Ellis, Executive Director, Emerge California

"Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God" offers a rare and insightful look at women, the connections we share, the truths we hold, and the struggles we face. These stories grab you and inspire you. I hope women, and men, will read the book to have a greater understanding of who women are today and how we as a society can best harness their power."

Jane Buckingham, author of the bestselling Modern Girls Guide and CEO of Trendera

“Life. Death. Sex. Drugs. Cancer. Shark attacks. Tiny boobs. Big asses. The essays are not only inspirational, they are an instructional manual on how women survive it all and transform their lives in the process. A must read for women and men (teens too)!”

Rita Henley Jensen, editor-in-chief, Women’s eNews

“A heartfelt, personal, and inspirational ode to women and friendship.”

Lonnie Barbach, PhD, clinical psychologist and bestselling author

“What a beautiful and varied look at the power of female connection. When times are dark and women seek the strength to face illness, infertility, addiction, depression, divorce, and a host of life’s other miseries—the caring words of a friend can become a life raft, buoying us until the skies clear. For anyone who has offered or received such comfort, this series of tales will ring true and remind you what a treasure sisterhood truly is. Buy one copy for yourself and one for every friend on your speed dial.”

Kat Gordon, founder and creative director, Maternal Instinct

Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God celebrates the woman we dare not speak of: the REAL one. These stories remind us that the more we strive for perfection the more we lose what is perfect about us. This book proves the real woman is so much more interesting and astounding than anything we could make up or air brush.”

Christina Harbridge, author, artist, founder Allegory Inc.

“I recently was at a party for my one of my best friends, a card was given that said “when we were little, it was all about our girlfriends, then it became all about the boyfriends, now, it’s all about the girlfriends again. Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God is all about that; women speaking the truth to other women. We are connected. It’s a fantastic book reminds us about that in a multitude of ways.”

Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker & Founder, The Webby Awards

Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God combines the support of a self-help book, the wit of a skilled essayist, and the frankness of a best friend in one fantastic book. These essays, which span topics from BFFs to abortion, are a must-read for any woman age 12–122, and will remind you that, whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone.

Katie J.M. Baker, staff writer, Jezebel

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