Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God: 51 Women Reveal the Power of Positive Female Connection is a compelling collection of essays and art by women from completely different walks of life; everything from famous authors and entrepreneurs to nannies and aspiring artists.

The anthology provides insight through essays, poetry, and artwork into the life-changing effects of meaningful connections between women and touches on important topics such as parenting, body image, rape, racism and self-love. 

“Women’s stories boldly told have always been at the center of feminist political consciousness and empowerment. Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God captures the spirit of the personal as political and will inspire the reader to find her own voice.” — Katherine Spillar, executive editor, Ms. Magazine 

This book also empowers women by providing a platform for them to share their stories of the complex and vital aspects of female relationships.

Author Deborah Santana offers a very personal journey towards greater self-knowledge and spiritual awareness touching on several key moments in her life and concluding with the importance of connection to the natural world.

"It is women’s connections that build families, communities and culture. Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God is a testament to what is possible when we show up for our sisters." —Eve Ensler, Tony Award winning Playwright, performer, and activist

Author Joyce Maynard speaks poignantly of her relationship with her mother and draws a symbolic connection between the last jar of her dead mother’s peach chutney and the fear that eating the last bite will dull the memories of her mother. 

Author and founder Christine Bronstein reveals the complexities of a beautiful and compelling connection between herself and a long-time girlfriend. The relationship some joked and others assumed was “more than friends,” spans the globe and takes them both from college. on to parenthood, and through adult life.

“I recently was at a party for my one of my best friends, a card was given that said “when we were little, it was all about our girlfriends, then it became all about the boyfriends, now, it’s all about the girlfriends again. Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God is all about that; women speaking the truth to other women. We are connected. It’s a fantastic book reminds us about that in a multitude of ways.” — Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker & Founder, The Webby Awards

Author and professor Yvonne Latty spins a loving tale of an important and transforming childhood friendship that never waivered even when severe racism in their school was leveled against her.  This friendship gave Latty the profound gift of acceptance that would last a lifetime.

The social network that organized the anthology and compiled the groundbreaking material, A Band of Wives, was established as a private place for all women (married, single and everything in-between) to connect and flex their voices.

Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God proceeds as a series of calm, truthful, insightful reminders of an important locus of wisdom still resident in the shards of our culture. These women have stepped into the void…to offer heart-driven insights on the redemptive powers of womanhood and self-respect. My impulse on reading it is to drop on one knee and say, ‘Thank you.’ This is a lovely book.” — Peter Coyote, actor and writer 

It has turned into a multicultural and multigenerational woman-promoting organization with over 4,000 members. Founder Christine Bronstein created the network based upon her belief that if every woman felt that their voice mattered, and that they were connected and supported, the world would change dramatically.

Without any political or religious agenda, the book promotes the power of positive connections between women and illustrates how those bonds can transform our world. With research confirming the human need to have meaningful relationships in our lives, it is time to look beyond the abundance of negative stereotypes in the media and shine a light on the powerful, positive aspects of female connection.

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